Origin: Los Angeles

Genres: Indie-Pop, Electronic, Alt-Rock

Years Active: 2017 - Present

Label: Independent 

Official Website: enterthepom.com

Booking: enterthepom@gmail.com


POM is a three-person adventure into new musical territory, merging electronic, indie, and art-rock elements with live instrumentation. Through a series of serendipitous connections in the L.A. Valley music scene, Jeremy Amato found his future bandmates Valerie Burkholder and Lauren Taler. The musical chemistry was nearly instantaneous, and soon the endlessly satisfying jam sessions solidified into structured songs. Production progressed quickly, and a music video for the single 'Sway' came out in late 2017. POM released their first EP, titled Enter the POM, on January 11th, 2018 through Personal Space Records. Their singles and videos have recently been featured on blogs, playlists, and channels internationally. The next step for POM was to work on their second EP, Drowning Days, and release two singles, 'Can't Get Over U' and 'Citrus Mistress.' Their third music video for 'Citrus Mistress,' was released in late summer 2018. POM has been playing frequent shows throughout the Los Angeles area, and will continue performing regularly. Their second EP, Drowning Days, will be ready for release in early 2019. When they are not performing, the members of POM can usually be found in the studio jamming and working on new material for the future.

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